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Cursive handwriting is normally introduced in the Third Grade. Now our classwork had a purpose...WRITING LETTERS to raise money for our Tesla bust.

This is a photograph of the letters we wrote to more than one hundred American corporation presidents and CEO's. Many responded with generous checks to support our campaign. We even received a check from the president of Sony Corporation in Japan.


We offered our bust to the Smithsonian, but Dr. Bernard S. Finn, (then Curator of the Division of Electricity and Modern Physics) refused us, claiming he had no use for it.

We could not understand why the Smithsonian would have no use for a $6,000 bust of such a great American and eminent scientist who stands alongside such other great scientists as Volta, Watt, Ampere, Ohm. and only ten others in the world.



Names for units of electrical measurement are derived by using the names of scientists who made the greatest contributions in electrical science, forming perhaps the most elite group in the world.

In 1956, Tesla's peers at the Electrotechnical Conference in Munich acknowledged his monumental contributions to science by designating his name to represent a unit of magnetic measurement. Thus, the "TESLA" became the Unit of Magnetic Flux Density in the MKS system.

Throughout the entire history of electrical science only fifteen men worldwide have received this honor. Tesla is one of these great men. (Edison and Marconi are NOT!)

In addition, Tesla received fifteen honorary degrees from famous universities worldwide, including Yale and Columbia in the United States. He also received fourteen Awards of Merit from other eminent groups.

Dr. David L. Goodstein, Vice Provost and Professor of Physics at California Institute of Technology, calls Tesla one of the "Saints of Science" and equates him to Leonardo Da Vinci.




I urge you to continue reading our web page for a richly interesting story of how our country's premier museum, the Smithsonian Institution, deceives the public by writing biased history...and their curator is doing this in consort with the History Committee of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) at Rutgers University.


The majority of IEEE members are oblivious of the Smithsonian and the IEEE History Committee's biased agenda. Nevertheless, everyone who does not speak out against their wrongful depiction of electrical history deserves having their children spoon-fed the popular corrupted version.


When I visited the Smithsonian to learn why Dr. Finn had no use for our Tesla bust, the reason became indelibly clear.

Please remember, at this time I was still naive about the Smithsonian's bias against Tesla; that is, until I saw......

Yes,  bust of Edison!

Next to Edison's bust I saw Tesla's invention.  This is his invention that revolutionized the world.

Here is a photograph of Tesla's rotating magnetic field device I saw, giving us polyphase AC and the AC motor...

Tesla's U.S. patent number was on his invention, but I could not find any recognition of Tesla.  When I asked Dr. Finn why he had placed Edison's bust on display next to Tesla's invention, he said, "The sculptor was a phrenologist and wanted to examine the bumps on Edison's head; this makes our display authentic."

The entire electrical display at the Smithsonian (including their web site) focuses on Edison's brief business enterprise that failed. The Smithsonian is not telling a story of history and invention; they're perpetuating a myth.

Edison used Direct Current (DC), a technology invented and developed by others (before his time), as a means of powering his incandescent lamp. Zealous industry and the gullible media have exaggerated this story so much that now everyone believes Edison is the father of our system of electrical power.

Please continue reading to learn how you can help correct history. Trust me...this is the ONLY way. We must reintroduce Tesla to the academic community through students.  We started with our country's leading universities and hope to continue down to our elementary schools.


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