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Tesla, circa 1899, experimenting with electricity.

Readers, we are not talking about an obscure inventor lost in history, nor are we talking about a mad scientist who performed magic. Nevertheless, in the nineteenth century when he made his early discoveries, they may have seemed like magic.

We are talking about a man whose major scientific gifts to the world (of AC power transmission and Radio), more than anything else, caused a Second Industrial Revolution. How else can one explain the meteoric advance of science from the horse an buggy days of 1895, when the Niagara Power Project adopted his polyphase AC power system, followed by his invention of Radio...then a mere 74 years later man walked on the moon? It just had to be Tesla who 'invented tomorrow.'

At present we have about 900 GW of generating capacity in the USA, far more than any other country. This map of electric generating stations clearly shows Tesla's influence on the world.

Trust me, it was not Mr. Edison's light bulb that caused this revolution, as the Smithsonian Institution wants everyone to believe; it was Tesla's AC motor, his polyphase AC power transmission of electricity, and his invention of Radio.

His AC motor brought unprecedented mechanical power to industry; his AC power distribution system made electrical energy available everywhere; and his radio communication system allowed us to communicate ideas with each other.

Is it not an absurdity that this great genius is virtually expunged from history in our country? It is more than that; it is a national disgrace!


In 1882 he made the discovery that changed the world...harnessing the awesome power of Alternating Current.

Each of these high tension power line towers throughout the world is a monument to Tesla; his genius created them.

In 1888 he obtained U.S. patents covering an entire system of polyphase AC that remains unchanged in principle today.

He promptly sold his patents to George Westinghouse, an acquisition that made the Westinghouse Company the giant it is today.

Westinghouse and Tesla were consummate friends, but after Westinghouse died in 1913, the company forgot about its chief benefactor and Tesla fell victim to hard times.

He died January 7, 1943, alone, poor, and all but forgotten, in his only home, a New York hotel room. This web site is his story...and ours.

After Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic field principle, making virtually unlimited electric power available to the world, he moved on to finish the work of Maxwell and Hertz by inventing first his Tesla coil, and then the four-tuned circuit, making radio a viable means of communication.

Tesla’s first viable radio circuit in 1893


Tesla's four-tuned circuits (two on the receiving side and two on the transmitting side, secured by U.S. patents #645,576 and #649,621) were the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Case #369 decided June 21, 1943) to overturn Marconi's basic patent on the invention of radio.

Marconi merely demonstrated Tesla's invention, but the gullible media and the greedy industry that followed continue to perpetuate a myth that Marconi invented radio. Whom do you believe has more promoting their own businesses, or the U.S. Supreme Court?

Marconi's two-tuned circuit system was the same as that advanced by Heinrich Hertz and was no more a viable system of radio than that advanced by Mahlon Loomis in 1872...long before Hertz or Tesla. In one of my pages I tell the complete story in legal and technical terms. Any unbiased reader should understand that it was Maxwell, Hertz, and Tesla who were the actual pioneers of radio. Marconi only helped develop radio after it was invented. Mr. Edison and Mr. Marconi's popularity in history is just another example of historians promoting entrepreneurs and technologists over the actual discoverers.

This is probably his last photograph

Today, industries flourish and the world surges from the power his fertile mind created...and radios blare with news and music, their transmissions made possible by his giant intellect...all telling us that TESLA WAS HERE.


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