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Michael Faraday rocked the scientific world in 1831,with his discovery that magnetism can produce electricity...if it is accompanied by motion. Faraday discovered the principle, but not how to make it power the world; Tesla alone accomplished this singular feat.

Tesla, when he made his breakthrough discovery--circa 1882

Tesla is the greatest inventor the world has ever forgotten. He is also the greatest inventor the Smithsonian has ever 'swept under the carpet.'

He holds over forty U.S. patents (circa 1888) covering our entire system of Polyphase Alternating Current (AC). These patents are so novel that nobody could ever challenge them in the courts.

The Direct Current (DC) system Edison used in his much touted Pearl Street generating station was invented by others before his time; he merely copied the work of others to promote his business enterprise...and the Smithsonian wants you to believe he was America's 'King of Electricity.' There is simply no evidence to support this claim.

Lest you jump to the wrong conclusion, we are not criticizing Mr. Edison whose Menlo Park Laboratory workers, under his direction, made many practical inventions; we are criticizing only the groups promoting Mr. Edison's name in the electric power industry; he actually fought against the adoption of Tesla's AC system.


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