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After we learned the heart wrenching story of Tesla's life and realized what a great American he was, we wanted to tell the world about him. We wrote many letters to important people asking for their support.

Then a former student approached me one day. She said she had persuaded her father, an accomplished sculptor, to create a bust of Tesla for our class, but we had to pay for the materials.

The sculpture is bronze, mounted on premium grade solid granite imported from India. Its appraised value is $6,000. The plaque reads as follows:


These Universities Display Our Busts

Harvard Physics Library

Jefferson Physics Building

Yale University

Becton Engineering Building

Princeton University

Engineering Quadrangle


Barker Engineering Library


Bridge Physics Building

Atrium in the EECS Building

University of Michigan

EECS Building

University of Wisconsin

Physics Building

University of Maryland

Physics Building

University of Illinois

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Purdue University

University of Pennsylvania

Physics Building

Georgia Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering

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